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Toronto Real Estate at its finest

800 sq ft condo (listed at 950sq ft though) - $575,000.00

In today’s edition of Ridiculous Toronto Real Estate I bring to you the condo that I rented two years ago that is now for sale. This condo is basically just a long hallway with a kitchen against the wall (no counters), and half a fridge (not enough room for a whole fridge). It boasts “an upgraded wine cooler in fridge” which is really just a dollar store wine rack sitting in the shelf. 

It also has a “den” which is just part of the hallway open space… and the “second bedroom” fit our computer desk and a chair.. so it’s not really a bedroom. The most important thing to note is that the main living room is just part of the hallway and not really a room at all. Oh and the best part is that it’s attached to the garbage room so during those summer months your half a million dollar unit will smell like a garbage back up. yum!

This all can be yours for the low low low and totally worth it price of ALMOST $600,000.00.
That’s right… you can totally own all of this hallway unit for over half a million dollars (Plus 500 bucks a month maintenance)

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